Our Storage

Expedite Storage Services

Moving isn’t always about transporting items from point A to point B. Many times, there are detours in between.

Whether you’re staging a home you’re trying to sell, or if your possessions need a temporary home before they move into your new one, or if you just have a few extra things, Expedite Moving & Storage has the storage solutions for you.

Sleep well knowing that your goods are safe and secure and fully protected by Expedite Moving & Storage’s most trusted employees. With self-storage, there’s just a small lock between you and any number of strangers. At Expedite Moving & Storage, on the other hand, all your precious goods will be stored in our spotless and secure warehouse. Only authorized personnel will have access. The security starts before that, though.

How Our Storage Works?

Each item is meticulously wrapped and inventoried before even being placed on the truck. Depending on your preferences, we can even pack your loose items, but regardless of who packs them, they will be inventoried and treated with exacting care.

secure storage
  • Spotless - Our warehouse people really know how to clean house
  • Secure - Only authorized personnel are ever allowed
  • Convenient - We’ll pick everything up and deliver them back to you when you need it
  • Safe - Every piece of furniture is left wrapped and secure while its in storage
  • Customizable - You aren’t limited by room size. You pay for the space you use.

South Florida’s climate adds extra challenges for storage companies. At Expedite Moving & Storage, we take extra precautions against intruders of all types, even the flying or creepy-crawly kinds. Our warehouse is free from insects, mold, and general debris.

If you need access to your goods, that’s not a problem. One of our authorized warehouse workers will be happy to assist you in finding exactly what you want. If you choose to take it home, we will check it off your inventory list. If it’s too big for you to take home, we’ll be happy to arrange delivery. When it’s time to move everything out of our storage, we’ll deliver to wherever you like. Regardless of your needs, Expedite Moving & Storage will create a customized package for your specific needs, even if those needs change along the way.