What Not To Do When You Pack For Your Move

What Not To Do When You Pack For Your Move

While packing for a move isn’t exactly rocket science, if you don’t follow some common sense packing advice, you could end up making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money. Here are some mistakes you want to avoid while you’re packing for your move:

Not Asking a Pro

While not everyone takes advantage of our packing services, there’s no additional cost in asking for packing advice. Your moving estimator can take you through your home (either in-person or virtually) and give you an idea of how many boxes you need and what type of packing materials you’ll need. We can even deliver everything to you at no addition charge.

Using Old Boxes

While we’re all about reusing and recycling, old boxes come with a lot of risk. Before packing in an old box, make sure it has not damage. Look for water damage. Test the folds and seams. Does it still have a lid? Has it been smooshed? When in doubt, use a new box instead.


One of the biggest mistakes people make while packing is assuming that bigger is always better. Think light. A packed box should never weigh more than 50 pounds, or you’re risking a box, or perhaps a back, breaking. That means you should pack heavy items such as books in small boxes. Save the big boxes for bulky items like pillows and comforters.

Skimping on Packing Materials

When packing breakables, always make sure they’re properly wrapped in paper, cloth, or bubble wrap. Be sure to top off the box with more cushioning. Before you seal up a box containing breakables, pick it up and lightly shake it. If you can feel any movement at all, it needs more cushioning.

Not Purging

As a general rule of thumb, if something has been hidden away in your garage or in a closet since you moved in, you probably don’t need it. Unless something has true sentimental or monetary value, donate it before you move.

Not Labeling

Grab a sharpie and label your boxes by room, and at least somewhat, by item. For example, pots and pans might be labeled: Kitchen, pots and pans. Label clothing boxes by person and season.

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