10 Fun Facts About Florida

10 Fun Facts About Florida

Whether you’re new to Florida, or have lived here your entire life, you’re probably still learning about our wonderful state. We thought we’d share some of the fun facts about Florida that even natives might not be aware of.

A Lot Of People

If you’ve driven on Florida highways or spent time in line at Disney World, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that we are the third most populous state, but we rank just 22nd in land mass. That’s a lot of people per square mile.

The Longest Coastline

We may not have the most land mass, but our coastline can’t be beat, at least not in the Contiguous United States. We border both The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Only Alaska has more coastline.


Central Florida is called the lighting capital of the United States because they see more of it than any other region of the country.


If there are two things that definitely don’t go together, they’re golf and lightning, but despite having the most lightning, we also have the most golf courses. With 1,250 of them, it would be very difficult to play them all.

A Wacky River

St. Johns River is one of just a few rivers in the world that flows from North to South.

Alligators and Crocodiles

It sounds like something out of a child’s nightmares, but alligators and crocodiles live together in the Florida Everglades.

Deadly Tree

Now that we know that alligators and crocodiles are living together in Florida (and no where else), did you know that you should also watch out for one of our trees? The Manchineel tree is bad news. Don’t eat the fruit. Don’t pick up a leaf. Don’t even touch the tree. As a matter of fact, don’t go near it, and if you do go near it, don’t touch your eyes. Any part of the tree, even its pollen, burns.

Even Our Highs are Low

Given that Florida has the longest coastline, it’s probably not a surprise that we also have the lowest high point of any state. Britton Hill is our peak, and it sits at just 345 feet above sea level.

We Have the Biggest City

While New York, NY has the most people, Jacksonville, Florida is the nation’s largest city, at least by land mass.

Refrigeration was Invented in Florida

Given our heat and humidity, it’s no surprise that a Floridian invented mechanical refrigeration. You can thank Dr. John Gorrie of Apalachicola for your next ice cold beer.

Featured image by JH Clark, via Pixabay.

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